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Translation and Interpreting Services.


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To provide top quality translation services to help our clients meet their global language needs.

Who We Are

Since 1984, centrad has been providing translation and interpreting services to major companies
and law offices. If you do business or need to communicate in more than one language, centrad
can help you do it more efficiently. We conduct business maintaining the highest standards of
honesty and professional ethics to uphold our clients’ confidentiality.

We provide fast, accurate, and dependable translations.
Our services include translation, editing, proofreading, formatting, and delivery in the format that best wts your requirements.

We can handle all types of documents using our specific knowledge in areas such as medicine
and pharmaceuticals, biochemistry, law, marketing & advertising, energy,
engineering, telecommunications, etc.

We pride ourselves on offering all our customers a first-quality service. Our services do not finish
when we deliver a translation. You can always get in touch with us to discuss any aspect of the
project even after you have received it.

Our QC and QA Process.

Quality is our highest priority.

1 Project Management:

Each project is assigned to a Project Manager who supervises the translation and editing team. The tasks of the Project Manager include analyzing the project to define resources and calculate costs and managing the project schedule to make sure that all our client’s requirements are met. The Project Manager assigned to the project will be in permanent communication with the client and with the translation team to assure that the project is completed as expected. We always encourage our clients to be in close contact with the PM to discuss any aspect of the project, even after the translated material has been delivered. The feedback we receive from our clients helps us better understand their preferences for continued projects.

2 Pre-Translation:

Project analysis, including database searches, online consultations, creating new translation memories or leveraging from existing translation memories and glossaries. The Project Manager assigned to the project selects the most suitable linguists and editors for each project.

3 Translation:

Once all the relevant information has been compiled, the translation team undertakes the translation process itself. All our translators are experienced professionals, qualified to translate the meaning and the idea behind the source text.

4 Editing & Proofing:

centrad has incorporated an editing and proofreading process that involves an independent review of the translation by a professional with knowledge of the field of specialization and the target language.

This process involves discussion and consensus between the translator and the editor to confer the most accurate meaning to the text.

5 Post-Translation:

Once the translation is finished, our experienced DTP staff will proceed with the publishing process, which involves converting the translated files to the format requested by the client and formatting the files preserving the original layout.

6 Final QC & QA:

This important step ensures that, once translated and formatted, the document is consistent with the original.

Fields of Specialization.

Centrad has 4 major Translation Departments.

1 Medical and Pharmaceutical Department:

We have been leading providers of translation services to major national and international pharmaceutical companies for over 25 years. Our team of translators and editors specialized in regulatory affairs, clinical research and medical technology ensures accurate and consistent translation of all your documents, including clinical trial protocols, investigator’s brochures, informed consent and patient information forms, packaging and labels, and journal articles.

2 Legal Department:

A bad translation of a legal document may bring about unnecessary litigation and misunderstanding.
We have years of experience in translating legal documents so we can provide highly accurate translations of legal documents. Our Legal Department reviews all our legal translations. As an additional service to our clients, the Legal Department offers legal services, including drafting and reviewing of international agreements and related documents used in foreign trade.

3 General Translation Department:

We also offer general translation services in various fields, including:

• Patents: All kinds of patents, in particular pharmaceutical patents.

• Finance and Banking: Balance sheets, annual reports, loan agreements, etc.

• Marketing & Advertising: Promotional material, training manuals, ad copies, etc.

4 Localization Department:

As information technology evolves, there is an increasing need for software and website localization.
Our Localization Department is here to help your company localize and test your global contents using the latest localization tools.

Services for other companies.

See how we can help.

We have more than 25 years of experience managing and translating small and large projects in several languages.
If you are an LSP and are short of resources, we can partner with your company and provide all or some of the following services:

• Project Management
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• Translation
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
• Editing & Proofing
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Phone.: +54 (11) 4373 4954
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